Huge suck. Thoughts?

Caught a huge tail suck on this girl. She is currently in shed so I’ll mark it but see if she sheds again right after this one. Thoughts?


Not sure who specifically would be helpful, so I’ll just tag some of the experts on this forum. @t_h_wyman @eaglereptiles @saleengrinch @ballornothing @akmorphs


If you feed them more they banana pin sheds quick when i feed him more than usual.

I’m specifically wondering about shed and ovulation.

U can trick them into thinking its mating time by adjusting the temps to a certain degree.i get alot of my info on them from brian barcheck on snakebytes on youtube

I’m aware I’ve been breeding for a few years… this is my first female that is in shed and ovulating at the same time. I just don’t know if I should expect another shed after this one as a prelay shed.


When was her last shed before this?

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I would expect another shed.


October unless I forgot to record something in between


Is probably just my inexperience, but that ‘tail suck’ seems a bit severe for the only option to be ovulation ? That would scare me a bit. Is that what I can expect?
Opinions and reassurance from more experienced people like the OP please.

It is also the most severe I have seen but since she has been eating regularly and healthy otherwise it’s the only option in my mind


What about the other end? any unusual stools, colour, shape ?
I have seen something like this many years ago and it was not ovulation.
Again not with ball pythons to which I am new.
Reassure me please and don’t let me worry steelserpents with my ignorance. @t_h_wyman @eaglereptiles @saleengrinch @ballornothing @akmorphs

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Nope. All bormal. And she actually looks pretty normal today. The suck isn’t like that anymore

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That’s a relief.
Sorry I panicked

Edit: for those tagged, although this example seems OK, could it have been something else?


I have seen this happen when animals are somewhat dehydrated and their body does a somewhat dramatic redistribution of fluid out of the intestines