Hunky Dory story

New pair of Salamanders called Hunky and Dory :slight_smile:


They are crazy :exploding_head:

If you haven’t already you really need to reach out to a magazine or website or something and make some money off of these pictures. Seriously!


Thanks but I don’t think they are really good enough. It helps my mental health having art time with the animals


It’s rare that I see salamanders that catch my eyes, but you have my attention now, those are amazing.


Beautiful animals! Your photos always captures how stunning these animals really are :grin:


I second @eaglereptiles suggestion.
I think those are more than good enough for a reptile magazine. And possibly with reptiles captured in a photograph like how you consistently do it, could bring some of these species back into the spotlight. And may even bring more people into our hobby.
Your talent amazes me every time I view your photos, just stunning as always!


If you take a look at Herpetoculture Magazine you will see some of the picture you have taken blow theirs out of the water. You definitely have what it takes. Don’t sleep on your own talent :wink:


I agree with the other posters. Your photos are stunning and more then good enough to be published.

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OH right!!! Very cool. How would I contact them?

I know they have a Instagram account which is where I originally found them and contacted them. I’d just give them a message introducing yourself and link a few of your pictures. There are a few reptile magazines that you could reach out too. :blush:

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cool thanks I will try that