Husbandry issues

Hi everyone, I am facing Major husbandry issues and I am very worried for my snake. This is my first snake and so I’m not sure at all what to expect, and I am very worried as I just received him and am stressing him out by checking on him and the enclosure all the time. I have the thermostat set to 38 Celsius and the substrate is reading at 19-20 celsius constantly, and it is very humid inside the enclosure. I am so worried and just want some help. Thank you

Can we have some pictures of your setup?

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Sounds like you need to calibrate your thermostat. Should be instructions that came with it on how to do it.

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I assum you got a heatmat. What kind of substrate you using? And how high is the humidity? I had a issue with the temp inside the hotspot because the thick layer of substrate. Now i use papertowel on the spot and its fine.
What kind enclosure you got and hows the ventilation.

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I have been learning a lot myslef with husbandry issues before i get my first snake: These type of questions will help others who have experience quide you to comfort in knowing you have the right set up besides pictures:

Piggybacking of what Potvisje asked:

Do you have a heater on top by light or underneath?
Is it a tub enlosure or a glass?
What type of substrate? (Substrates all have different properties that can have an impact on the way your humidity levels go)
Where do you live? (The type of region you live will determine the outcome of the humidity in your enlosure)

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apologies for the silence there. I had panicked initially but managed to get things on track. I live in the UK and its surprisingly very humid where I live. I just needed a dehumidifier and fan to help with the humidity and used less substrate to help with the heating issue (I use a heat mat underneath the enclosure, and a plastic storage box currently while my snake is still young and small). Thank you all for the tips