I cant get any of my snakes to eat

As the title says I cant get any of my snakes to eat.

Its been months and they wont eat. Im past the point of trying to get them to eat because they will die soon im afraid.

I dont hve the money to take them to a vet anymore as my cost of living has more than doubled.

Any help will be appreciated. If this is the wrong to ask for help then I dont know where else to try.

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Unfortunately, while it is extremely upsetting to hear this, on the forum here we don’t allow sales posts.

I have edited that out of the post but kept it up to allow others to give their thoughts and any help they may have to offer.


I would look for a ball python/reptile facebook group or post on craigslist and see if someone is wliling to buy them as a group. Alternatively you could post an ad for them on here but have them as “local pickup only” if you aren’t able to ship


Some have lost more than half their body weight and now I am just watching them die.

Cant “give” them to someone that wont be able to get them to eat and the breeder doesnt want them back

My last post was in April when they wouldnt eat and none of them have eaten since then. Honestly wish I hadnt bought any of them now because they are going to die.

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What type of environment are tgey in? Ive heard of individual snakes going on food strikes. Our snakes not eating during breeding season. Never heard of a whole colony not eating all at once and for extended periods. How many snakes? Species? Enclosure type? Amount of light exposure? It may be an environmental factor that you may be able to trouble shoot and figure out.


OK tonight after work I will take some pictures and post them.

For an idea of what im working with the 5 snakes are all ball python in clear tubs on a shelf in the corner of a room with two hides in each enclosure. I use reptibark and mist often. I am in Florida so the humidity in my house is usually around 70% and the enclosures usually stay around 80%-85%.

Do you think that maybe a darker room would help? Or how about new tubs that wont let so much light in? I know that big breeders have their snakes on racks with black or grey tubs that act as one large hide.


I would add more cover than two hides. Maybe something like a paper towel roll would help for security. Try covering 3 of the 4 sides of each enclosure with something like construction paper or cardboard. If the lid is clear, cover that too.

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My close to 1k gram female has this XL hide and its 13’‘L x 8.6’‘W x 3.1’'H as I am typing this it I am thinking that has to be too small


You want the hide to be as small as possible with the snake still fitting inside. I only have one very small sand boa so I can’t really estimate the snake’s size compared to the hide. What size tubs are they in?

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I will do that ASAP. I moved them away from my rats so they wouldnt constantly be in food mode but I didnt even think about the fact that their new room was much brighter.



Keep us updated what happens. Hopefully that helps.

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I live in new orleans. So can relate your heat, humidity, and sunlight. I moved 6 of mine into plastic tubs cuz they needed the upgrade but still waiting on my rack to arrive. I picked up a fireproof welders blanket on amazon to cover them and give em a nice dark environment but they still get plenty of radiant light.


That hides plenty big enough. I use the same ones up to 2500g. Might even be big enough that a small bowl could be turned upside down inside it to fill up more space for smaller snakes to be comfy too.
Do you feed live feeders or frozen thawed feeders?


May want to lower your humidity there… :flushed:


Ball pythons can be finnicky. Dont give up on them or yourself. Be open with what you are doing and we might be able to help you find whats going to work for your snakes. None of us are there with you to see everything going on so we need to ask questions, compare that to our experiences and then we can offer you some possibilities that may have your answers. Dont take it personal or as judging. Just trying to troubleshoot from a dustance to share our experiences.


How you figure? Because theres condensation? Do you know that these tubs were just cleaned, stripped, and reset with brand new substrate Tuesday night and are in a 76° room with back heat running at 90° or would any of that even matter if you did know?

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Still, there shouldn’t be condensation ideally in tubs, if I get any I sort right away as can cause issues to your Royals, respiratory.

Not having a go, so no need to be snappy. I’m just saying it’s not good. The cloth over the top may not be helping with it either. Or substrate too wet etc.

Good thing they’re going into a rack, that should sort it and help.

Where’s the heat atm? Or do you not need where you are?


Ive never put new substrate into any of my snake set ups and not had a humidity spike. I live in new orleans. Current ambient humidity is 85%. Ive only had my 32 snakes of 4 different species the last few years all kept in the same environment. The day i have any illnesses, feeding strikes, or changes in their behavior i will consider changes. Until then Im just going to keep focusing on my pets and my system. Quite happy with the process and results. But thanks for trying to solve my nonexistent problems from looking at a picture

Well I saw brown so assumed substrate^ but if not that then something else.

Either way humidity is a little high as shouldn’t get condensation, but you do you :grin:

We are all here to help eachother and I know humidity like that can cause issues if long term, something I learnt right off the bat, and especially when I took on a Royal with some breathing issues that I had to sort.


Humidity is fine. Goes down on its own after a few days from the heat. But thanks for your concern. Maybe try showing that concern to the original poster who is looking for help. Or maybe loke you said, just do you. Im good. My pets are good. If i feel me or my pets need assistance i will reach out to any of the number of ball python breeders i have struck up a friendship with. Let me know when you want my thoughts on your geckos based on a pic with zero other knowledge and we can share our opinions then

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