I could some Knowledge please!

Thanks for answering, that helped a lot. I have heard alot of good things about feeding less frequently and am seriously considering moving away from weekly.

I try to go by the role of putting a lump in my animal LOL If I am feeding hatchlings that I’m growing out then I want to be able to see a lump in my snake where the feeder is after they ingest it. Not so big that it is trouble to get down but big enough so that is noticeable inside the body once they take it in.

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It might be time to re-evaluate the size of her vs her food and see if you need to go up a feeder size.

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@dragonwhisperer23 Cool name, I see its your first post. welcome to the community.
Keep posting.
Yes I to go by a little lump, but i am reconsidering frequency.

I upped my ball pythons food to a (small rat) for the first time… I notice she is having a bit trouble getting it into her mouth does that mean it is too big for her? Or should I give her some time to keep trying?

Is she swallowing it or dropping it and leaving it?

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I was adamant that small weaners were too big for my lil miss, and she eats them like a champ! :sweat_smile: