I could use some help

While I was feeding ICY she dropped her food in her water bowl only half the of the body was submerged under water. so I pulled it out and put it to the side . She is starting to take it down from the head witch is the dry half. I’ve noticed some of the substrate is stuck to the rat will this affect her during the feeding?


It shouldn’t be a problem if a little bit of bedding is ingested. Some people have had bad luck with it occurring but overall it happens fairly regularly in collections all over.


What type of substrate is it? I use coco husk. when that happens to my snakes I usually just remove any large chunks of coco with the tongs and other than that i just leave it.


I use the eco-earth it’s the coconut fiber substrate… and I just observed her the whole entire time… she pretty much wiped the sides of her mouth until it fell off. Than she drank some water assuming to wash down the remaining in her mouth and went into her humidity box afterwards.


Glad to hear everything worked out!


If you want to limit the chance of ingesting substrate. You can flip over one of the hides (if you have extra even better) and put about 1/3 of her body in there while she is rapping the rat. Take this with a grain of salt, this works with my boas, who are kind of confident when eating. I hope this helps.


I used to do this with some of my younger balls it always worked great


As lumpy said, that’s what I do with any substrate other than paper (or use a plastic lid as a plate) .
But also, you could try dry heating the prey animal.

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