I cringe every time

Started a new job this week, working from home, been on 8 hour zoom calls every day. Picked today after lunch to come back to chat with one of my BPs for my “fun fact” segment.

One of the girls in my training class: “Oh! I used to have a BP, he was SO SWEET. He would slither up to me, give me kisses, he was so friendly!”

I just smiled. And died inside. Lol. Still, nice to have someone not completely horrified I guess.


It’s always nice to see people that aren’t afraid of snakes, but can definitely be a little cringe inducing sometimes.I made the mistake of joining one of the ball python subreddits and it’s so full of misinformation, cringy material and general bad husbandry that I might just have to leave. It’s great that people love their ball pythons, but I wish they could do it in a more correct way


My Aunt in law (something along those lines I’m not sure, don’t claim her lol) was over one day and wanted to see one of my snakes. I brought down my new mom who does really well with silly human things. This grown woman starts petting her, rubbing her, all normal stuff (she was holding the tail end and I had the face). I turned to answer some question her husband asked and when I turned back she was rubbing her face all over this snake! Asked if the snake could feel her love and if the snake knew she was being loved on. Of course I replied no, that she was only tolerating being touched. This woman became visibly upset that this creature didn’t know it was being loved! (Keep in mind she’s STILL rubbing her face on the back end of this snake!) She asks if this snake would be sad or mourn if I died/sold her, of course she wouldn’t as she is only looking for food, water, and shelter. Now she was super sad, depressed, and mad that “one of gods creatures” couldn’t tell it was being loved or could love back (like a cat or dog). She then finally kisses the snake on her back, done rubbing her face on the snake, and says she has other things to do and couldn’t hang around. Thanked me for letting her see the snake and left lol. Weirdest experience with my snakes to date.