I.D this Banana please

Hello, first time poster here and I’ve just hatched my first Royal baby and would like some help identifying please. If its really obvious i appologise, i’m a newbie.

I acquired an 8 year old gravid Mystic ball python who is sadly covered in burns on her underside, so i know she was not cared for properly at some point. The lady I got her from said she recieved her like this. She paired her with her Banana Mojave apparently and neither are het for anything according to her.

She laid what i thought were 5 good eggs and no slugs, about 2 weeks after I got her. Unfortunately 4 of the 5 eggs turned bad half way through incubation. The incubator was set to ideal temps and humidity so Im not sure what happened. Perhaps it was down to however she was kept whilst growing her follicles, so the damage was already done, but I am no expert. Anyway one did make it and he’s stunning, he’s only been out the egg a few hours so not shed yet but im guessing with these being not very complicated morphs youll be able to still identify it.

Here is the mother

This is the father including when he was a baby

and this is my baby

From the calculator im guessing it can only be either a Banana, Banana Mojave or Banana Mystic but when ive searched them they dont seem the same. Could there be another gene i dont know about in there?

Thanks in advance.



Mystic is quite variable, looks more mystic then Mojave to me. I would say mystic banana. What’s up with the extended belly though is that how it came out of egg?


I am asking about some of mine too. Its the best place to do so. I have been advised after the firtst shed is best for pictures,
But anyway, the reason for my post-------------- I see its your first post, so welcome to the forums.

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Like @banereptiles said, looks banana mystic.

May have a hard belly if that distention doesn’t subside.


Hi that’s what I was thinking but the mystics pattern apparently stays sharp towards the belly whereas mojave fades and this seems to fade a lot but, but it hasn’t shed yet I guess.

I did wonder if the belly was normal or not. The yolk sack looked huge yesterday. I assumed it was from absorbing it all? Should I be worried? I have no idea as this my first ball python hatchling. I’ve bred corns years ago.

Thank you for your reply

Thanks you I will repost once shed just worried about the belly now

Is there anything I should do or read to help it?

I know the feeling, I was too existed and posted mine before shed too, even knowing that its better after.
Happy hatchlings day :

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Yes search for hard belly there is some on here, and for videos there is a great J. Kobylka video about it on YouTube. But if you are inexperienced you may want to seek the help of a reptile vet. That is very big, hopefully it is all yoke, I have never had one look that big personally though.

I actually just watched Justins video and I’ve just been having a feel and can’t feel anything hard. I very gently massaged and some urine came out but no signs of lumps. Ill be gutted if it dies. I Guess I’ll have to check on him/her tomorrow and if its still the same ill go to the vets.

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Thanks for your help

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Give it a day or two to go down and see what happens.


You know what’s funny is my banana clutch came out with the giant bellies too. After about 4 days they were normal but I thought they were goners

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Hoping that it’s just residual swelling from absorbing the yolk. It is quite a big belly.

Looking at the parents, I agree that the odds of mystic banana are more likely. Mystic and Mojave can be difficult to tell apart, but if you take in the look of each parent, the pattern looks cleaner like the mother’s. Polygenic traits can sometimes be a really good clue for situations like this.

The only way to be sure would be breeding to another Mojave or mystic.

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I will do. So glad I posted here today at least I am prepared for the worst.

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I really hope that’s the case. You are giving me hope. Thanks

I hope so. I do think the broken dorsal stripe is very like the mothers with a very clean edge it was just the faded sides that seemed strange for a mystic but it hasn’t shed yet and it is a banana so less contrast. The babies alien heads dont seem to have big singular eyes like a mojave or mystic which is the main thing that was throwing me off. The mum does have a few heads that match but not many.
Apparently from what I’ve read, unique patterning is common is babies with hard bellies, i think due to egg stress, so could simply be that. I have no idea how she was kept for 90% of the time she was gravid so likely something wasn’t right as the other 4 eggs didn’t make it. She wont be bred again, not worth it.

I would listen to @ballornothing and give it a couple days, especially if you don’t feel anything hard. Also since the mom wasn’t in your care for like 90% of the time, I wouldn’t be too discouraged or not breed her again if she stays nice and healthy and shows signs in a season or two of wanting to breed. I wouldn’t think the bad luck is genetic. Just hate to see you not try again if you enjoy it. Hope all is well, the markings are nice on that baby!


These were my guys


I will do thanks. I Guess you’re right, if I were to breed her again at least I’d know I’ve had control of the situation from the start which is more reassuring.