I fed crickets for the first time

Oh blimey :disappointed: Poor little thing…

I leave them in with my fat tails also with no problems!
I have a Male and female in together and the female atm won’t touch anything other than wax worms, and that’s being hand fed. So grandpa gets them put near him and he doesn’t waste any time hunting away, so I’m careful with her being in there.
But my 6 month old I Chuck them in with also. Never have I thought any different feeding bugs. For years I have just put the crickets in and watched all them hunt!
Goes to show not all are ok with them being left in…

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Just read about allergies to Dubias?
Anymore on this from people, I didn’t know they can be a problem? We have a colony going and we’ve handled them etc, cleaned them out, feed etc but we are in contact weekly… So now I’m concerned :sweat_smile:

I also leave crickets in with my banded gecko. No problems. But I also have a couple fluker’s cricket cubes in there as well.

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I missed a lot of these messages but I will try to add in…
Black larvae fly shouldn’t be fed to baby or juvenile Cresties, in fact I’m dubious about giving them to Cresties as Cresties have pooped them out alive!

Mealworms can also be too hard for cresties to digest so I don’t use them either.

I tong feed most of my Cresties at first, when it comes to crickets and locusts, but I also put some in as they instinctively love to hunt, but I don’t throw in loads at one time.

I only have 2 Cresties that are fussy in which they are fed specifically to their needs.

I try to keep things as naturalistic as they would do in the wild. No one feeds tongs to them out there!

I also watch my Cresties hunt and very rarely have to take any out, but if it’s a few insects then I will take them out the next morning… Depending on my Cresties reactions.

I personally prefer dubias and I’ve not had a reaction to them but have read about the possible reactions. Please note that I do not touch any insects as I am in fact petrified of them

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You actually become allergic to their frass, not the actual roaches themself. When you clean them out just wear goggles and a mask and you won’t gain allergies for a while. Over time it’s said that you develop allergies and you can have bad reactions (swelling, trouble breathing, sometimes anaphylaxis). They get worse over time so at first you’ll be fine. Then you might start get some face swelling. If you still work around them and breathe them in then you might get trouble breathing and eventually possible anaphylaxis.

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Just gonna put this quote here for the dubia allergies bit.


Luckily for me, I don’t eat any of those as my husband is allergic and has been for years. But i will wear protective gear and keep my husband away from them as much as possible

I am allergic to fish as well.

With that said, I tried to feed Dubias tonight to my crestie. Nothing. It licked them but would not eat them. But then again, it licks the crickets as well. It will eventually eat the crickets.

I feel bad for this little one. I still think I am the first one to feed live insects. I don’t think it has any idea how to hunt.

I have one Crestie that will only eat insects from its bowl, i’d suggest putting them in the bowl and leaving them. I make sure they are in an escape proof bowl which is the normal feeding bowl. And I tried every few days, now the Crestie loves insects, but only from its bowl

Make sure the insects are not too big for your Crestie or it can get scared, as well as hurt if it does eat them.


That cresty is adorable :heart_eyes: