I finally did it

I finally held back some Superconda’s :joy: Most people think I’m crazy, but I’m not a fan of Superconda’s and sold every one that we produced. I’m one who likes a lot of pattern and variability. But, I’d also like to see what Sunburst Superconda’s look like one day and holding back a large enough group would be my best chance at achieving that. Here’s a couple from my group of holdbacks :slight_smile:


Count me as one of them!!! I love super condas!!!

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If you produce any more one of those, people will think you’re crazy will take one LOL :joy:

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:joy: I’m probably the odd one out. This was the only one I was set on keeping as soon as she hatched, but I don’t think she is a Superconda

They already snagged em Riley :rofl: and they definitely think I’m crazy!


She is super nice for sure!!! I’m hoping to hatch some albino super condas next year!


in all honesty, peering in the incubator and seeing superconda’s in there, never gets old. They look unreal. I hope you hatch some amazing Hognose in 2022 Shaun :slight_smile:


Me too!!! Lol I’ve never bred hognoses before!!! I always get super excited when I have a new species breeding. It’s like my obsession with snakes starts over again! Lol

And thank you!

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I’m sure it doesn’t!!! Peering in my empty incubator is getting old!! I need some eggs to start rolling in lol.

If you have any questions about breeding hogs, feel free to ask :slight_smile: I totally get it, I’m stoked to be working with cresteds this year!

You’re telling me! I need to start seeing some eggs in the next month or I’ll be getting antsy

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