I have a been a busy little bee lately…

I’ve been generally absent for a couple of weeks and I have several threads to reply to here, but I promise it was mostly reptile related :joy:

Two weeks ago I vended the Nor Cal Reptile Expo and last week I was doing the Reptile Super Show in Pomona, sharing a table with my close friend and mentor Howard from HC Premium Reptiles. Don’t worry, I spent a ton of money, and replaced most of the reptiles I sold :man_facepalming::man_shrugging::joy:


Super show

Both shows were a little slow but they paid for themselves and we got to get out and see all of our friends and a lot of our followers from social media. Plus it gave me the opportunity to round out some ongoing projects and start a couple new ones.

Here is a group shot of the super show pickups which I’ll update here once they settle into in QT and I have time to take better pictures.

One of the big highlights of the super show though was getting to hang out with Brian Bode and check out his spotted pied up close in person. This snake is unbelievable! If luck is on his side he’ll get to see this year if there is anything genetic with the spots. Definitely doesn’t look anything like the other spotted pieds I’ve seen. After inspecting it up close, I don’t think it’s beyond reason that it could be genetic which is super exciting!


Looks like a great time


That pied is incredible!


What an absolute stunner!


It’s even more ridiculous in person!


Holy moly, I’ve never seen a pied like that at a show :heart_eyes: I heard there was a new super pied project or something like that. What a great snake!


This snake reminds me of Oreo cookies and cream ice cream. A cookies and cream should be its morph name.

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