I have a male snake that's 100% het clown

I am wanting to know what’ss the chances of my offspring being visuals.
If I get a girl that’s 66%het clown and I breed her to my 100% het clown.

The 66% het clown label means that individual has a 66% chance at being heterozygous for the clown trait. She is either het, or she isn’t. You will have to breed her to prove her out. There’s a chance that she proves het and if she does then approximately 25% of the offspring will be visual clown. There is also a chance she doesn’t prove het and 0% of the offspring will be visual clown.


Either 25% or 0%

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There’s also the chance she is het, but odds aren’t in favor and get zero visuals. (Not trying to send bad vibes!) I have a possible het clown banana girl that will be going to a visual clown to hopefully prove out, but even if doesn’t all offspring will be :100: het.