I Have No Words... *Content Warning*

I just got to watching this and I seriously feel like smashing stuff and crying at the same time imagining what that guy was feeling. I have never felt like this before. I am just sitting here shaking and thinking.

One thing I do have to say is that even though this is probably the worst thing that I’ve seen, I would watch it. I really think that we should know and feel what others in are community are going through and it will in the end cause us to stand up for are beliefs even more than we are now and become closer because of it.


I feel so sorry for this guy, and I hope USARK helps him out with all lawsuits.
USARK and this guy needs to hurt them in their pocket book, which is the only way they will start listening to us as a reptile community.

Hopefully, in the future, they will have a reptile vet or someone who knows how to properly identify reptiles. And have the vet humanely euthanize the snakes


I can not find an official statement from FWC, only what this article states from FWC. Do they not realize that video recording counters their narrative?

ABC7 reached out to Fish and Wildlife Commission for a statement and they say they are investigating the incident:

The FWC has received your inquiry and is aware of the incident involving the euthanasia of multiple snakes at a Broward County captive wildlife facility on Thursday, April 6, 2023. Final reports for this incident are currently in development.

Preliminary information gathered from officers and investigators indicates that the facility visit on Thursday, April 6, 2023, was an attempt to determine if all reticulated pythons held at the facility were accounted for, since an escaped or released reticulated python had been found in the general vicinity on Wednesday, April 5, 2023. Officers did not initiate contact with the facility owner with any intention of engaging in the euthanasia of animals at the time.

Preliminary information also indicates that the facility owner during the visit formally relinquished his reptiles to FWC and requested that the FWC officers and investigators euthanize the reptiles. Information also indicates that the owner specifically requested that the FWC officers and investigators conduct those euthanasia activities on-site at his facility.

The FWC Division of Law Enforcement is determining the full details of this incident and more information will be released when it is verified and appropriate to do so. Assembling the information and records required to provide a clear picture to the public on the facts of this incident may take time, but the FWC is committed to providing factual information when it becomes available.


Right, and I’m the freaking queen of England. :roll_eyes:

They do know there’s video footage that contradicts basically their entire “factual” statement, right? What a pathetic attempt to spin this.


I just wrote DeSantis an email today. Go to his website and swamp his office with emails. It is ridiculous that they have officers that do not know the difference between snakes that they are supposed to be “protecting” the wilderness from.


I’m surprised this hasnt been brought up yet, but last Thursday the FWC just woke my eyes up. This is down right despicable and makes my blood boil. I live in Florida where this happened. I am a member of USARK since I started owning reptiles and will continue to donate as long as they stand up for our pets.

This is graphic and truely heart wrenching to watch.


I watched this a few hours ago and fluctuated between nearly crying to extreme anger. It is one of the sickest things I’ve seen. Truly sad.


I just don’t understand how people are doing this. If it was dogs or cats, it wouldn’t have…


Not to many things anger me anymore. But slaughtering/abusing pets is definitely on the top of my list of things that make my blood boil almost instantly. Just watching the boa withering in the video sent chills and I’m sure it was still feeling pain.


Honestly they complain about invasive reptiles being a big issue, but cats are worst. I’m sure if this was a house full of dogs and cats put down like that, people would be up in arms. But because they are reptiles/snakes, people feel less attached to them. Only reptile owners truely care for these animals and understand that they can be special to them. I understand dogs and cats show more feelings, but reptiles are capable of training and showing signs of some intelligence.


I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the video, but there are pictures in USARK Florida’s article that are gut-wrenching. They look so pleased with themselves… truly earning a win for the native wildlife by brutally killing captive animals. Horrifying.


NERD just put out a video showing more of when the boa was murdered and how the men reacted to it. It seemed intentional. This is sick and I hope something is done with in the course of legal action. They should know what they are dealing with, and whether it is legal or “illegal” to own. The fact the hid the boa until after they ended all the other snakes prove they didnt care.


So sorry to the owners of these pets that were murdered by human garbage.


I can’t even imagine how upset I would be if someone came and killed my animals. Any of them. Even my fish, I would be so upset if someone came after them… I wouldn’t let them anywhere near them. I can’t even imagine how awful he must feel after they came and killed them, even though he could have kept them.


I can’t make myself watch it. Don’t need to. I can read the comments here. Human trash justbgives trash a bad name here, from what I read.


I for one cannot watch it either. The comments alone are enough to make me sick. We are all God’s children and are given a choice to choose between light/life or dark/death. Good or evil. For those who choose evil, God has 2 places ready just for those people. The first place is hell and after that the second place is the lake of fire…… FOR ALL ETERNITY. Where the worm never dies.

God mourns the death of even a sparrow.

Enough said from me. I’m done.


I am so glad that the owner had caught them on video. There would be no proof of wrongdoing otherwise.

Also glad seeing Donny working on projects like this as well and bringing out more of this so it can be known. While yes, it can be disturbing… Sometimes this is the only way to make sure things don’t just get swept away.


110% wrong on so many levels!! I watched the video(I am glad he recorded it) proves how ignorant these laws, and the people enforcing these policies are!! I give complete respect to the owner of these beautiful animals for keeping his composure as well as he did, I don’t think many people could! I don’t understand why if nothing else all the animals couldn’t be taken/surrendered and relocated out of Florida. This was not just a senseless act, but a grave miscarriage of justice! If all the information on the video is correct this shouldn’t have happened, none of these animals were involved in any incidents or injuries to humans, which in other animals can result in said animal being destroyed. He had permits, and by the information on the video wanted to extend his timeframe for rehoming these captive bred animals outside of the state of Florida. Instead the powers that be decided to kill ‘em all on premise! Even reticulated pythons which have not even been proven to be invasive, and a poor gravid pet boa constrictor(totally legal in the state of Florida by the way) The officials involved NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!! PERIOD!!!


Yes! I want to AMEN everything you have stated!


Absolutely infuriating and heart breaking.