I need help guys!

Hey everyone- I currently have a male pied I’m looking to breed with a female, the problem here is idk which way to go for the female. Any suggestions?

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Defo het pied, or visual.
What other genes do you like? Go with what you like I say :black_heart:


Well if you can wait to hatch pieds,put in a female with lots of genes to make all types of het pied babies,waiting to grow the female to breed her will payoff and the outcome would be super rewarding,all up to you!!
This year i paired my female pied to my pastel clown,i hatched 4 eggs i was lucky to have 3 pastel and 1 normal dbl het,now i know that when is time to breed the hets im going to be sooo happy waiting for that Clown Pied,with pastel or not is going to look awesome!!

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I would go with the above 2 comments, but add albino pieds are awesome, but it would take a few generations. Just something I like, its all personal preference.
Maybe look up some pied combos on MorphMarket and see what pleases you.

Anyway, I see its your first post, hope to see many more. Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the support and advice! I’m a newbie so everything helps!

A few options that wouldn’t set cost too much ($300 or less investment if buying babies):

To make combos right away:

Fire or Vanilla het Pied
Orange Dream het Pied
Spider het Pied
Yellowbelly het Pied

The Spider Pied or “Spied” is all white except for the head.

To make double hets for a longer term project:

Albino and Hypo are among the least expensive recessives. They both look great with Pied.

If you want to spend a little more for a more exciting project, Clown Pied is gorgeous and has lots of future potential. You could start a Clown Pied project with a visual Clown female for $400-500 if you don’t mind raising her.


Thank you!!

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