I really don't have a title other than Bad News (escaped snake)

I just took out all his bedding and decor but still no sight of Chai. Any ideas for traps or lures I could put out?? I put mice in two of them before but they only last a day before they start decomposition and I can’t afford to keep buying mice


Tbh I would not put any more food out because you are just going to waste it. I never did that nor did I put any traps out, not that doing any of those things is a bad idea.

Mine all turned up either crawling next to a baseboard, or in the bathroom or a couple of times when I turned the light in in the middle of the night in the room where they escaped.

I think it’s best if you just keep the attitude that he will turn up at some point because that’s basically all you can do. Snakes are very good at concealing themselves while hiding in plain sight. If he is still in your house/apartment, the odds are the you two will eventually cross paths even if it takes several months.

So don’t give up, just try not to worry about it so much……. Here’s hoping your little noodle will make a mistake and let you find him! :pray::heart::blush:

If not and you want another snake then get one. He’ll probably turn up for sure then!


I’m getting ready to deep clean my bedroom which is the room I kept him in so hopefully I might disturb his hidey hole enough that he will pop up! :sweat_smile:

I also just partially took apart my furnace cause i heard a weird noise in it but nothing showed so now I gotta figure out how to put that back together :sob:

Honestly if by the time my birthday rolls around next year, and he’s still nowhere to be found, I’m gonna get another snake. You’ll probably be right and he’ll pop up and then I’ll have 2 snakes :rofl:


Good luck putting the furnace back together! I have faith that you can do it. And I’m glad it’s not something I’ve got to do myself, because I would probably mess it up.

I agree with @caron that you should cease using food as bait in traps. If you do still want to put out any traps, as the weather cools, you could simply use heat as the attractant. If you have a heat source like a heat mat you can use, great. Think broader than that, though. Hot water bottles, or grain filled things sold as human neck wraps and such are also very usable and don’t lead to waste. Just be sure they don’t have any essential oils added for scent, as some are problematic for snakes.

I hope you’re missing snake turns up safe and sound for you. I know it’s a constant stressor when they’re awol.