I’ve never seen anything like this! morph id

Sorry for the click baitey header. Don’t get upset with me cause you fell to it. Lol. Mother is butter pinstripe sire is either leopard clown or piebald. The id of these seems pretty easy. I count 3 butter

3 normals

And 2 pinstripe one of which also grabbed butter

But the recessive is hard to pick. With only two getting pinstripe is it possible for the clown male to still have sired the clutch and just not passed leopard to anyone? Possible but not probable. I’m thinking pied but also believe this to be a pied maker

It’s a spare room, my house is mostly carpeted and it’s July so yes that’s my bare feet in the pics. Save for later if you’d like :person_shrugging:

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It is entirely possible. I just got an entire clutch of males. Last year I got a clutch of all Albinos from a visual x het breeding. In that same breeding, every animal also had two of three incomplete dominant morphs and three of four had the third morph. My first year of breeding I had a clutch of ten where nine of ten were male and nine of ten got the incomplete dominant gene from the sire

Odds are not hard fast numbers, they are just a convenient way to try and “predict” how things will happen.

The train tracks are not a guarantee of het Pied, it is an inconsistent “marker”. Some het Pieds have it, some het Pieds do not. Some non-hets have it, some non-hets do not

If I were in your position I would not feel comfortable labeling these as anything other than simply Kingpin, Butter, Pin, and WT. You can disclose to any potential buyers what the possible sires are, but trying to guess is, in my eye, a recipe for disaster.