I want some noisy frogs

I was wondering what type of frogs i can get that are pretty noisy… that would also eat crickets…


I went through all the available frogs, I liked, from an online breeder once and looked up videos with sound so I could listen to their calls.

Reed frogs=noisy

Ok thank you

Dart Frogs are pretty noisy and can eat pinhead crickets.

Depends on the species of dart. My leucs are super loud, but my Ranitomeya Summersi are very quiet

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Milk or whites. Noisy as hell! :joy:

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They arent that noisy, it’s cute chirping haha. It’s nice to listen too until you’ve got a few males shouting for the ladies :sweat_smile: Buts it’s not loud luckily and they’re in the outhouse (reptile room).

And wouldn’t Advise pinheads all the time, fruit flies are best for them really :blush:


Tis why i dont want darts. I have to buy crixkets bythe thpusands for everyone else…would lile to be able to feed everyone the same thing… already do rats crickets n mealworms… thats enough for my zoo

Milks and whites will eat anything :sweat_smile:

A friend would even feed pinkies.

My toad eats anything, probably why he’s so fat! :hugs:

Yep, those would probably be my next suggestion as well! they are even pretty large which makes it even better. Milks are probably my favorite though.


I kinda just want peepers… i love their sound… anyone ever keep them??

No, at least not that I know of. If so, they’re most likely wild caught, I don’t think anyone’s breeding them. It’s a situation where you would be able to get them from the wild so easily that no one sees the point in breeding them. I would also suggest all the ones people suggested above.

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Yes, most of the North American frogs are generally wild caught specimens. Although, BackwaterReptiles.com claims they sell captive bred :slightly_smiling_face:

Hah, I have a trio of whites and they eat like champs, so chunky. Do you know if you can breed whites, or is that not a “thing” yet. Are people not doing it? Sorry, I just think you may know more than I would.

I also agree with the reed frogs, mine are noisy as a June bug on a summer morning! Lol they are great and eat crickets for me fine, whites, I’ve found, are noisy as well.

Lots of people here breeding whites! So yes you can do it, they’re chunkyness is what made me love them haha.
I loves the ‘snowflake’ ones and the blues :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes, me too. Alright I will keep looking into breeding these darlings. Thanks!

Any pics? :wink:
I wanted milks and whites. Ended up with a blooming toad :joy: How I do not know! Haha

I’ll try to keep this nice, lol. Backwater sources some of their animals from other breeders and sellers, so
they aren’t guaranteed captive bred. They also aren’t known for accurately sexing their animals, so if you want to breed them it might not be a good choice. If anyone wants to PM me I could add more things that I shouldn’t add on the forums.

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Let me go get a few :joy::relaxed: