ID help for clown and bamboo

There should be two lesser clowns, but still thinking that there could be banana in other one. Its possible from pairing. Other one is really bright and clean. And other one is kinda dirty. (Sorry for only havin these photos)

Also if anyone have opinion for this bamboo female i produced this year.
Pairing was Bamboo Enchi Firefly x Pastel Genetic-stripe


Clowns, no bananas in them. Second does look lesser clown though!

And bamboo, I’d say bamboo enchi.

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I used this trick to ID my BEL coral glows… just checked to see if it works with my Lesser combos and Coral Glow/Banana combos…
If you take a mag light and hold it to the top of the snake’s head between the eyes… the lesser won’t shine red or in the lighter combos (or BEL), only the pupil shines red. For the bananas/CGs, the entire eye will shine red.

It looks like this trick should work with most morphs except albino.

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I tried but no red there.

Here’s the thread I picked it up from:

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Yeah if no red then as someone stated above, No banana or CG.

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Banana clowns look very different too. Very yellow, orange and purple :blush:

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That’s true! I forgot how intense they look compared to a non-clown lesser BP.