ID Help - Just Purchased

Just bought her from a dual sired clutch. She was listed as a leopard lemonback phantom ph hypo clown poss pastel. Dual sired phantom female to a pastel leopard het hypo clown pied and an enchi lemonback.

Obviously two fathers can’t pass genetics to one so she was listed incorrectly but I think she is a low expression pastel leopard phantom ph hypo clown pied. But… she doesn’t look like pastel leopard phantom examples listed on WoB. Where is that back stripe and intense yellow coming from? Thoughts?



Looks good! What male do you plan to put with her? That might help figure out the genes I think in the distant future

Thank you! Regardless of what she is, she is definitely stunning lol. The immediate (2-3 years from now :crossed_fingers:t4:) plan is to pair her to my banana clown ph pied hypo who I hope has proven out by then.

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your guess seems spot on. since some animals show a low expression of that gene then she could just be a low expression phantom combo. beautiful snake either way

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Im with @nathan_e

Definitely a pastel phantom at least.

As for the dorsal stripe, a awful lot of morphs have a dorsal stripe of some sort, sometimes it lighter than the rest of the animal, sometimes it’s darker. Sometimes it broken up and sometimes it’s a perfect stripe… Sometimes you can barely see it.

You have got yourself a absolute stunner of a animal. And if them hets prove out then you have a powerful little baby there.

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I am with @nathan_e and @eaglereptiles one this one. Pastel Leopard phantom ph hypo clown pied.
Not really seeing lemonback here as it is just another line of fire and would have made this beauty more silver.
Congrats on this girl she is real stunner.


Thanks for all your input everyone! Feel much more confident in what she may be, only time will tell!