Id help on a dinker

I purchased this girl locally from a guy who said her mother was sold to him as a normal.

She came from that “normal” and a banana pied male.

I definitely think she has some fire complex stuff, but i can’t explain her strange splotchy pattern. anyone have any input?

I should note that the mother has since passed away, and I couldn’t find any photos. The guy didn’t have any of her.


Definitely interesting looking! I’m going to agree and say I think she has a black eyed Lucy gene. The pattern is different for sure but I don’t think there is any thing other than a fire complex gene imo.


I agree with saleengrinch
Not an expert, but here is my 2 cents worth…
My Fire Enchi and YB
Fire Enchi and YB Gravel male Vito

Later Proven just fire YB, quite unlikely but not definite not Gravel
Also check the head stamp. similar to yours.
In addition, look at fire on MorphMarket . many are similar.


I think Enchi fire also… I have an Enchi firefly myself. I think fire and Enchi together Is amazing :heart:

oooh that’s a gorgeous baby. definitely similar

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