ID help - potential 5 gene animal

Hi all!
This is my first post here and already asking for the community’s opinion on my ID. I am hoping you guys can wipe out my doubt or potential school me. :wink:

The pairing was Banana GHI Cinnamon x Pastel Mojave. There is a chance the sire is in fact Pastel Phantom instead.
Here are the parents (who refused to cooperate, when I tried to take this picture):

We did get three viable eggs. Here’s the clutch post 1st shed:

The animal in question is the one below. I’m thinking it could actually have all 5 genes, so Banana GHI Cinnamon Pastel Mojave. Can’t wait to read your opinions. Thank you all so very much in advance!

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It might be the 5 gene animal. Take a flashlight and hold it against the top of his head. If the eyes totally shine red it’s banana. If only the pupils, its’s not.

If it’s not a banana… Your ID on the female might be wrong.
She’s super pretty and clean, so I honestly don’t know about the ghi. She looks more Mojave or mystic to me.
But I could be wrong! Mixing this many genes gets weird

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Actually, taking a better look at mom I’m seeing a bit of that smudged looking keyhole GHI can give. Just looks like mom doesn’t have as much of the granite like texture that I’m more familiar with in GHIs…

If anything you’re gonna need to wait a couple of sheds for the best ID anyway as they can color up quite a bit more in the first 2 months.

Thank you for your thoughts armiyana! I didn’t know the falshlight red-eye thing for Bananas. Tried it, all red. So check on the Banana.
Our thought process was that the striping, which is only slightly showing in the neck and tail area would indicate GHI Mojave being at play and Cinnamon Pastel washing it out.
The ID on the dame is from the breeder that sold us the animal, but certainly that doesn’t mean the genetics are guaranteed.
We’ve been pondering BEL, but the eyes ain’ blue and locking at versions of what mum could be instead here on MM had us thinking the vendors ID was fine. They’re not a big name brand though. We’ll keep on looking into it.

Thank you for your additional comment as well. More sheds will certainly help as colors change.

Any more and other thoughts are mostly welcome.
The swift feedback is really great btw! :slight_smile:

Not sure if you’ve seen it yet, but there’s currently a male listed on the marketplace that has all five genes (from slithers “r” us). If they’re able to, they might be willing to share a picture of what he looked like as a hatchling. Super cool though. Hopefully you’re able to figure it out.

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Thank you nmarcellus!
I had seen that posting, but somehow didn’t think to just ask the vendor. Will do.

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Quick update: I have very swiftly received a few pictures of Slithers “R” Us hatchling really early on. Other than the backstripe on my animal not being quite es prominent it is pretty much the same. I’ll wait for a few sheds to verify the Mojave, the rest should be as we originally thought.
Again: Thank you to everybody that commented!

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