Identification help?

Bought these two and before pickup they were thrown together. They are currently locked. Just wanted help with identification please.




Female looks normal, the male looks to maybe be a mojave or mystic? The male has a lot of “keyhole” alien heads, anyways

I’m still not 100% confident on my IDs so I’d wait to see what others say and take my opinion with a grain of salt :sweat_smile:


I’m with Holly on the female being a Normal.

However I think the male is a Black Pastel or cinnamon…

I’d like to echo this though ↑😊


I was also thinking possibly cinnamon or black pastel as well, but he’s a lot lighter than my own cinnamon boy. Mainly with the head coloration. Not sure if that means anything though :woman_shrugging:t3:

Older pic, I apparently haven’t taken any recent pictures of him :joy:


Agree the female is normal. For the male, I’d say cinnamon over black pastel because the pattern isnt as busy as you’ll usually see in BlPastels as well as the coloration and you’ll see the flecking in the alien heads of the BlPastels. Granted there is a lot of variation between morphs… I wouldn’t say mojave just because of the multiple chaining. That cheerio at the base of the head throws me off though, almost dinker like with a het influence. I’ll echo above though, I haven’ been IDing very long so this is my best guess.

My Cinny:

Black Pastel:


Male is definitely not Mojave or Mystic. And not a BlkPastel. Also looks too subtle to be a Cinny.

Might be a Huffman/Lori/Gypsy/GreenPastel/LaceBlackBack

Could just be a normal with a black back too