Identifying other genes in BELs

Well I lucked out when the ‘male’ super fire I brought turned out to be female.

But I have just had this one pop out of the egg and wasn’t what I was expecting. Obviously after they have all shed out will make a difference with colours but I don’t think it’s first shed will make much difference on this one.

Still got 5 to come out of the eggs.

Pairing was Leopard Enchi Spider x Super Fire

Obviously with the female had no idea what other hidden genes there are and there certainly is!

Got a couple of Leopard fires, straight fires, few spider fire combos to leave the egg still.

I can only think off the top of my head this one has Mojave aswell that the female has hidden. No straight Mojave fires in the clutch to confirm this.

Am I right?

Leopard Fire Mojave?


Sorry confused.
Black Eyed Lustictics (fire) do not create BELS with Blue eyed Lustictics (Mojave).
Have I missed something in your explanation?. Probably, I am Aspergeres and sometimes see binary.
Please clarify to help me understand.

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Probably didn’t word it the best did I.

What I meant was the female is a black eyed Lucy and was brought as so. But could she have been hiding Mojave or something else that I wasn’t aware of as the pairing I made wouldn’t produce the above animal unless the female was carrying another gene that can’t visually be seen due to being an all white snake.

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I would be more inclined to say Butter than Mojave. That said, babies straight out of the egg are still vastly under-pigmented so I would advocate letting it shed out at least before trying to ID absolutely. And also waiting until the entire rest of the clutch sheds out to give good things to compare/contrast against


Thanks for that.

I was fully expecting to find it easy enough to distinguish which had Enchi and Leopard and then one like that popped out throwing me right off!

I mean I got a bargain with the female as I got ‘him’ thrown in along with the male she was paired with as I brought a female albino her ghost plus a 5 high rack for £350.

Turned out 18 months later ‘she is my biggest female, best eater and great first time mom doing maternal incubation. Throw in another gene I was unaware of and I managed to get myself a cracking deal.

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So all shed out now.

As this isn’t what I was expecting and not sure what other gene is in my female … taking a stab at the following.

  1. Leopard Fire
  2. Fire Lesser?
  3. & 4. Leopard Fire Lesser

  1. Fire
  2. Leopard Fire Lesser
  3. Fire Spider
  4. Leopard Fire Spider Lesser Enchi?

Pairing again was Leopard Enchi Spider x Super Fire (plus something else unknown)

#8 does not have Lesser

Thank you. Would have thought with #8 being so light in colour the lesser would have been at play.

Apart from that one the others pretty bang on?