IDing 2 Boas

I was told the 1st one was hypo het albino, purchased from reptile expo. The 2nd was said to be a hyp nic, purchased from pet store.

They are both definitely hypos, no way to tell if the first one is het albino without breeding her. The second one does not look like a pure Nic. Could be a hypo Nic cross.

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Is it the spotting and saddles that make you say that?

It could be pure Nicaraguan but you wouldn’t be able to know if it was crossed with something at some point back in the day no matter how spot on it might look your never 100% sure unless you imported it yourself but it’s definitely a hypo and it’s definitely a real pretty boa and if you don’t know the locality of the het albino one you might as well just work With morph bci and say screw the locality because there’s probably no way of knowing for sure I could be wrong maybe a scale count or something but won’t be able to tell much by the picture I don’t think