If anyone has any advice please

Hi im new to MorphMarket and im looking for some advice. Im waiting on a clutch to hatch its day 70 so im really stressing now ive been incubating the eggs at 89 i made small cuts in the eggs yesterday i didn’t nick any veins as i was really careful. Ive double checked the temps they seem to be nearly spot on. My question is do i cut the inner sack/membrane or leave them alone now to come out there is movement but im kinda worried now this is only my second time breeding last year i had a perfect clutch pipped day 60 any advice would be appreciated.

I never recommend cutting until at least 2 have started pipping on there own, some no longer cut at all. They always come when they’re ready, nature knows better than we do. 70 days is not that long, I’ve had many go 65-66 days, especially this season for some reason. Even though you believe your temps were “nearly” spot on it’s possible there was some fluctuation or variance in your thermometer/equipment. Even a battery running low can cause a digital thermometer to be off.

That being said since you have already cut the “shell” whether or not you do the inner membrane doesn’t really matter. They still come out on their own, the biggest concern is having them leave the egg to soon and not fully absorbing yolk sac or have it act like an anchor and ivicerate the baby trying to move around with it. Patience is the key, it is up to them, not us.


Ok ya i think i panicked this is still new to me and im learning still. i will be so upset if anything happens to them i will leave them be now ill just check to make sure there not drying out and from now on just wait until they pip :pensive: thank you for replying


Im new to ball pythons so a bit inexperienced, but not to breeding with over 1000 hatchlings. so in my basic advice-------

Yes all of that or more, if they dont pip something is out…

Agreed. Its upsetting. Pictures of the eggs would help and candeling pictures too.
Days are irrelevant in my humble opinion, its average and accurate temperature that counts.

:arrow_up: So true.

Edit: I see this is your first post. So I welcome you to the community. Its a good place to learn, even with my aledged experience I have learned many of my old ideas are wrong and refined my understanding