If I breed a whiteout and a whiteout fat tail together what will happen?

If I breed a whiteout and whiteout African fat tailed gecko will all the babies be whiteout and some fatal super-whiteouts? Lmk! Thanks!

You will get normals, whiteouts and super whiteouts.
The super form as far as I’m aware will die shortly after hatching. This is something I was looking at myself.

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No one really risks putting two of these together for a reason. You only get 2 eggs at a time, so the chances of hitting the lethal super form and it making it so both babies (or even 1 baby) dies right off the bat is too high.


Way back when, before this was a well known thing, I had a group. I could never get any eggs to go past 10 or 15 days before they would deflate.

Ok thank you! I know this probably won’t work and I do not have the money to try but what is you mixed different genes with it so that the super whiteout could work? I know it s a co-dominant so it’s kinda weird but there’s super zeros and those are co-dominant too… I don’t know I just feel like an amel or super zero super whiteout would work. :man_shrugging:

Amel whiteout has been done. Currently what I’m working on.
Super zeros are about. Super whiteouts mixed in no. Super zero whiteout has been done also.
Many breeders have tried breeding super whiteouts, but as said when you only get 2 eggs a clutch why risk one dying every time?
The 2 mixed together just for some reason doesn’t work. Like with Royals, spider x spider is lethal.
Lilywhite x Lilywhite crested geckos again die.

So nothing mixed in will help it survive. Breeders have tried, some live a few hours but all have end up dead unfortunately…


Ok, was just curious. I don’t want to risk the babies dying trust me. The female I’m buying happens to be Whiteout as well as my male. This is also my first time breeding and want to pick up the hobby. I’ve done most my research I know now that if I breed both whiteouts they will die. I will no longer be breeding these 2 and will look for another male to have breed with her in the future. Thank you!