Im kinda upset that i got 2 bad animals

I purchased 2 new scorpions and 1 was pretty much D.O.A. and the other has mycosis, i can see the black spots on his legs and body so he will die too.

I think because the seller lives in Florida which is super humid i went to Florida and it was like 100% humidity many times. Heck even in my California home i have trouble reigning in my humidity and i use screen tops, dehumidifiers and even rice in socks. My substrate is pure desert sand.

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The seller should have noticed mycosis since it doesn’t develop overnight. The D.O.A. can happen during shipping so the seller can’t do anything about that, but the mycosis would make me worried about the seller.


I examined each of my scorpions with a high magnification magnifying glass also the spots were seen with a black light.

The DOA could happen by any mishap not necessarily the sellers fault but yes the mycosis should have been noticed. Either the seller is inexperienced or knew about it and sold it anyway.

The seller offered a refund on the DOA but ive yet to recive it. I feel like paypal may not give me my money back so i lost out. I guess lesson learned about buying over the internet. I think next time im buying in person from a seller so that i can examine the animal personally.

Im now going to have to scrub down and throw away all the substrate and hides with a light bleach solution and fully dry the enclosure. I can’t even feed my infected scorp to my other scorps because they will get infected.

The loss of money hurts but losing my animals hurts more.