I'm new to ball pythons and wanted to know your thoughts on this collection

I can get all three of these for $550 just wondering what are your thoughts on this.

Snake 1: Pinstripe
Snake 2: 66% het for pied very large male
Snake 3: And a black pastel 100% het pied
baby female

It would definitely depends on the fact if you are going to breed/may in the future. Is this on Craigslist? It is up to you if you want to gamble, but I would say that what I would do is save a little bit more and buy from a reputable breeder. Plus you can’t always guarantee with Craigslist that you’ll be purchasing healthy animals.

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Ya I do intend on breeding in the future, i currently have 4. Just looking to add to my collection. I absolutely love the color of these snakes. Yes it was on Craigslist. I’m trying to have an assortment of different colors was my main thing.

This might be a dumb question but do they have vets that would look over the snakes just to make sure they are healthy? I wouldn’t want to introduce any illnesses to the ones I have now.

I’ve been lucky on Craigslist with never obtaining a sick animal. That being said the gamble I think lies in the correct sexes and hets in question.
For that price of 550$, for those snakes, I don’t think that’s a fair deal at all for the buyer.
If you plan to breed, I would suggest investing in a male with multiple dominant traits and some hets if you’re into that. I would not pay 550$ for 2 males and a supposed female.
And if you want hets to prove out, get a baby where you can see pictures of the parents, cause anyone can list anything as a het without proof.


I’m not bashing you at all on this reply, I just want you to be successful and prepared.

No such thing as a dumb question, but if you’re preparing to breed, that question tells me you need to do more research before you consider doing so.


Value wise

Pin female $60 to $150 (hatchling to proven breeder)

Adult male poss het pied $40 and usually that would be free to good home as you are essentially looking at a normal. An hatchling 100% Het Pied will run $30/$40 and be breedable within a year to a year and a half. And there is no point in having an adult male and nothing to breed it to.

Black Pastel Het Pied female hatchling $350 (you do not want to waste a normal male or poss het on a female like that)

BTW there are no black pastel in those pictures just a reduced pattern female $20

My advice familiarize yourself with morph ID and BUY from a reputable breeder that will guarantee genetics, sell animals at a fair price and be there for guidance. You want people to invest in you in the future by solid stock as your foundation.

No way to tell if an animal is healthy which is why quarantine is a must.

So you have $80 worth the snakes (not counting the poss het)


Welcome to the community :blush::wave:

Pinstripe - $60
Het pied adult - $100
Black pastel?? het pied - $300
(Deb’s pricing above is more accurate)

I don’t think this is worth it at all.

Base your collection on a few different ideas. Don’t bombard yourself with every single gene you can get, otherwise you will end up with 100s of unnecessary babies and struggle to find homes for them.

Other than the Black pastel het pied I don’t see any of them being overly useful and worth either the money or space.

This is why quarantine is so important to reptile husbandry. Any new additions should be kept separate from your collection for at least a month while you pay attention to it’s condition.

There is no such thing as a dumb question… There are dumb answers but never a dumb question. If you ask for help it is always a smart question.

For the price of this group you could buy from a breeder with reviews over on the marketplace and find animals that fit better into your plans.


“When we work with the same paint, it’s the unique art you create that will determine success.” - @jkobylka

Don’t just buy anything and everything, buy in to what you want to create.


I’m happy you caught that too. I didn’t even want to address that given that package is so overpriced it’s not even worth it.


I’m doing all the research I can right now on them and am always willing to learn. I do appreciate all the helpful info and seems like the snake community is alot better than any other community I’ve seen. They don’t bash and seems like everyone is really helpful thank you.


Overall it’s a welcoming community.
Of course, you need help just reach out. Never worry about what you ask, or want to learn and how it will be received.
We all started where you’re at right now, and none of us know everything and we’re all constantly learning and helping each other be successful and grow our hobby as much as possible.
If you don’t learn something new each day, it’s a wasted day.


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I just posted something very similar in the other craigslist thread someone just started, but if you’re looking to start a collection, especially for breeding, craigslist is not the way to go. This ad is a perfect example of why - it’s overpriced and mislabeled morphs, and as someone who’s starting out you aren’t going to be able to tell the difference. This is why it’s important to buy from trusted breeders with a good reputation and really do the background research on both the animals and the breeders you are building a collection from.
Rather than buying from craigslist, I’d recommend looking for either local breeders with a good, trusted reputation as well as those on Morph Market.


Thank you, i really appreciate the info. The first 4 I did buy from a gentleman on here. Really good to work with and fast responses and knowledgeable. These are currently my babies. I know it would take about 3 years to breed them and I’m looking for something to keep me occupied right now.


Which one is supposed to be black pastel? None of them appear to be black pastel judging from the pictures.


If you’re planning on breeding then I recommend initially investing on exclusively investing on females that you are passionate about.

They are gorgeous animals but i think you have lost out on this. For the same money you could have bought two double 100% het normals or two quality co doms. If you want to breed i personally would have bought one quality female for that price, maybe a mojave het clown or something else which was visually stunning with the 100% het clown, ultramel, dg or monarch gene. But thats me. If you want sound advise then quality over quantity everytime my friend.

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