Im thinking of getting a lepard gecko what kind should I get?

I want to geta lepard gecko what kind should I get ? plz help me.

All leopard geckos have the same care. Morph differences are in color only. The exception to this is morphs that are known to have health problems, such as Noir Desire, Lemon Frost, Enigma and White & Yellow. I recommend avoiding these morphs, or doing a lot of research on them and making an informed decision, before purchasing. In general, buy what you like. Pick an animal that really excites you and go for that. If you are considering breeding in the future, buy a pair or group with complimentary genetics, and buy the healthiest, best quality animals you can afford. Don’t go for bargain bin blow outs, especially those on CL. Buy directly from the breeder that produced the animal, not a middle man.


And to add to Westridge…

Her you can find Single gene and Multiple gene combination leopard geckos.

Use the filter to help you find the right one

and good luck :+1:


Welcome! It is way more important to do research on the proper preparations to make in order to be able to care for a leo properly. I would just get a normal, and not focus on morphs until you know the species well. If you do decide that you need a fancy morph, follow the suggestions @westridge & @eaglereptiles made.


I don’t ascribe the opinion that one should “practice” on a normal before getting the higher end animal that you really want. I think that mentality can lead to a lot of “obsolete” normals ending up in rescue. But that’s just my two cents. I also don’t think it is a good idea to get an extremely high-end animal as your first, unless you are extremely confident that you will get it right. Find a happy medium.