I'm thrilled to bits would be an understatement

Morning you guys! So lovely to be here. John kindly invited me to take a peek,…and I can’t say much more than: I’m impressed!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:

I’m a ballpython nutter -mostly dealing with Pieds-, currently living in Germany. For many reasons our market-place here in Europe is in absolute dire-straits (and has been for quite some time now). We really need a great forum back badly. We’ve all seen what Facebook has “done” to the hobby… And now there’s a ban on sales which has has been hanging over us for quite some time.

I had a first quick look over the current content and the issues.
Not quite sure yet how much help I can be, but whatever it is or will be: I’ll try and lend a hand to make this a success-. I have a feeling this can only go one way to be honest, the need is just too great.

Enjoy the day boys and girls, and keep smiling. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Martin great to have you here and your enthusiasm!!!

I also love that you configured your profile already.

I feel like in the past there has been more segregation between regions of the world. Maybe BLBC was exceptionally good in this regard. Hopefully due to MorphMarket having some presence in UK/EU already with promoters like yourself, will help bring the regions together.


Thanks for the invite John, i’ll have more time later to get settled in, lol, but i wanted to say thanks for the invite!

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Hi Martin . I totally agree re the situation in Europe being from the Uk. Nice to see you here Martin :):smile:

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