Incomplete Recessive?

Not at all, I love these conversations, especially when discussing stuff I may not be understanding correctly. So no need to worry about sounding condescending. Although in the same regard please do not find my replies argumentative. I am looking for a better understanding of this, and I appreciate your time in responding.

So is epistasis the correct term for describing all combo morphs when regarding different genes, instead of incomplete dominant?

I agree with you, this should never be used, I am not responsible for this made-up term, it did, however, make me come into this post to try and make sure people do not use it. I was just guessing at what the person who made it up may have been thinking.

The albino pastel thing was me trying to create a hypothetical scenario in which to explain how I thought epistasis worked. I guess a real-world example would have been better to use to explain it. I see it only caused confusion.

I want to expand on this but I think a phone call would be way more constructive. I’m sure you likely do not have the time but it is hard to discuss various genes and phenotypes to understand what term to apply to different scenarios. Obviously, I’m using the phenotype being produced to know when to use the terms but short of that, I know no other way to correlate inc-dom or epistasis to a phenotype when we are combining different genes.


Thank you for your time today @t_h_wyman it was an excellent discussion.

Just to update everyone:

  • DO NOT USE incomplete recessive, it’s made up, ::

  • To describe traits that are on separate locus, incomplete dominant should not be used. I will be amending my documents with this information. Instead, we can describe this as multiple traits that combine to contribute to the phenotypic expression, and we can see this as a blend. Some of these interactions that happen outside of a blend may be described as epistatic to a degree. Epistasis on its own can be significantly more complicated though.

I’m happy to see our Foundation Genetics document being sourced here. I will work at amending it to better describe trait interactions. If you are curious when this will happen you can take note of the version of the document or download it to see any new information as they version up.


Any time, it was great speaking with you! And I am glad we were able to sort everything out :+1:t4:


Thank you for your time t_h_wyman. I’m glad we could get this sorted as out because it has been plaquing me; since I am doing a bold stripe breeding project I am trying to be as educated as possible about the genetics.

Much appreciation!

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Thank you Imr_Imreptiles. I greatly appreciate your help here! :slight_smile:

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