Incubator question

Hi my girl is due to lay any day now and I have set up the incubator with vermiculite in dampened to check temps and humidity and it’s been holding steady for 3 weeks . My question is should I take it out clean and re apply new vermiculite fresh for the new eggs or shall I just leave it as it is ? Was just a bit worried that the water in the vermiculite my of gone a bit stale and be holding bacteria? .


It should be fine as it is, I’ve had incubation cups pre-setup for months before use and they work fine. Bacteria shouldn’t affect the eggs, as long as it holds humidity, it should be fine.


I’ve gone through this same dilemma.

My thought process was that since the eggs are often in there for 60+ days (depending on species/incubator/etc) without any issue then it would surely be fine. But since the medium is very cheap and easy to replace I just changed it out as a precaution.

I like to setup my egg boxes a week or so in advance to have them at optimal temperatures when I put the eggs in. The only time I threw out substrate was when it was in there for 30+ days when I was testing the incubator.

On another note I highly recommend a sensor, like sensorpush, to continuously monitor temperatures/humidity to ensure everything goes smooth during incubation.


You can also open the lid and mix/add water if needed. I put my eggs on a diffuser anyway, so they don’t directly contact the substrate.


Good idea I’ll prob add a little more water