Incubator Questions

Can you use incubators made to hatch poultry eggs for ball pythons? I only have two females, so I don’t need a large incubator. I see many diy ideas. It’ll be a while before I get eggs, but just exploring. Anyone have any ideas how to build a reliable, inexpensive incubator? Thanks.

You are better off building your own using a cooler, I would not trust the heating element or t-stat.

Remember the single most important piece of equipment when it comes to an incubator is a thermostat, a reliable one will run you about $100, the rest can be obtained for pretty cheap whether you need an incubator for 2 clutches or 20.


I’ve used a Hova-Bator 2370 successfully with a few digital hygrometer/thermometers inside to make up for the degree difference it displays. All it needs is a few modifications, such as blocking the extra holes on the sides and base and flooding the bottom tray with water/filling it with vermiculite. I didn’t need a lot of space, so last time I just used a small sterilite tub inside and hatched 8 out of 8 ball python eggs I placed in it.

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