Incubator setup?

Ok so brand new to breeding. Just noticed my male and female locked this morning. Still are currently going at it.

Anyway I’ve been looking into the incubation process. I picked up an old pop cooler glass door single shelf unit. Plenty of space for a clutch.

Watched some different videos on how to heat it. Going to pick up some heat tape at my next local expo this month.

Thermostat recommendations needed. (VE-200) with pulse was recommended in the video I watch but for a much larger set up.

Secondly should the container be full sealed or small vent holes (seen) both. Just looking to get this right (as much as possible) my first try.

Any information is greatly appreciated


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I personally use 6 qt tubs with about 2 inches of medium (I use Hatchrite) and press n seal. I vent my tubs once a week to allow a fresh air exchange. No vent holes needed. I take my press n seal off the week they are due to hatch.

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