Incubator with eggs

I have a fan at bottom… probe hanging center, placement of eggs are as shown… will this be ok for my eggs? So nervous…

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The same as mine only my fan is on the side,looks good ,good luck regards Tony

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I would personally run more heat tape than that. I find bottom and back totally covered gives you more even heating. I would also move the fan since they can overheat you have it directly on your heat source. I would personally ditch the fan as that’s a pretty small space.


Have you measured temperatures inside of the box at all? What temperature do you have it set at?

The heat tape runs across the bottom and all the way up the back . I had issues with the last incubator with everything heating unevenly so I wanted to make sure the air was circulating hence the fan

My temp is set at 90. I I have the probe reading 90 and a thermometer that goes inside the Box with the eggs that is also ready 90

As long as the temperatures are holding steady it should be fine.

I would turn that down.You are much safer at a lower temp. As you get closer to hatching the temp inside the box will be hotter 90 gives you zero room for error in my opinion.