Inquiry on Hatchlings Morphs


My husband and I are new to breeding and identifying morphs. We are trying to prove out the genes in a particular male and babies are stumping us. Pairing was normal het pied female x black pewter cinder pinstripe (our best guess and hence why we want to prove him out).

  1. We are confident just pastel
  2. Silver Cinder Pin? (Judging by similarities I see between the Outback Reptiles silver cinder project. As we believe there may be black pewter cinder in the father, I thought it matched up)
  3. Black Pastel Pin?
  4. Silver Cinder?

Hoping these are accurate, however I am expecting to be completely wrong.

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I agree with the IDs for 1, 3 & 4, but I do not think 2 is a Cinder. I think it’s a Black Pewter Blast.


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After reevaluating, I agree with Black Pewter Blast for number 2. Thank you for the input, it is greatly appreciated!

I agree, not a cinder. 100% Black pewter blast.

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