Inquiry Stats Disappearing [SOLVED]

Like most of you, I use MorphMarket on a daily basis, and pride myself on having good inquiry stats. Unfortunately every single day I now, somehow I lose multiple inquiry stats. Earlier this week I had sent 30+ inquiries with a reply rate of 96%, the next day even after sending another, it drops to 29, which then makes my reply rate percentage even worse. Logging in now today, it says I’ve only asked 28 inquiries when it should be at least 35, and my reply rate is now listed as under 85% (which on here is basically considered abysmal and will affect sellers replying to me.)

Anyone else having this issue? All my messages are there showing I did very much inquire, and I know my stats are totally messed up. It is rather concerning as don’t want this to make people not sell to me :-/

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I know there is an automatic attrition to the number of logged inquires but I have never seen it directly damaging the overall stats

@john, can you shed light here?


I’m relatively new here on MM so I actually didn’t know about the automatic attrition! I was worried maybe something was wrong on my end, so that’s actually a relief. My numbers drop usually by 2-5 inquiries per week.

Hey Cloud,
You may have missed our reply to your email about this.

Those stats track only the last 30 days.
So say you made a Inquiry on April 1st, by May it would have been removed from your stats.

That percatage is only representing the past 30 days responsiveness.


Ohhh yep just seeing it now, my bad! That actually makes a ton of sense. Thank you, still learning how the site works haha


Thanks Thomas.

I also had responded to this user/question in email 2 days ago:

Those stats just track the last 30 days, I believe. So you can imagine how if 29 days ago you had some inquiries, then a few days passed, that those inquiries would no longer be in the window. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about!


Ok guys I get it, this is getting embarrassing, sorry I didn’t see the email >_<

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