Insane breeder females

Anyone else have any crazy breeder females that will literally rocket out of the tubs when you go to open them?

I’ve got one that I’m convinced will never be a “pet” as she literally tries to eat me anytime I open the tub. I’ve even worked on trying to do some tap training to let her know I’m not food, and it doesn’t seem to work with her. I’ve got others that know when it’s feeding time and come out of their tubs for it, but this girl wants blood.

Anyone else have some similar experiences?


Yes! Lol, my Ghost YB female has nearly tagged my face! Multiple times! I’ve been working with her but I can’t tell if it’s helping, somehow she’s never bit me, but has come very close!
I expect the day to finally arrive lol.


For sure! I have 3 breeder females right now that do this! Always females, and always when they are just beginning the breeding process. My pastel granite het pied did nail me right by the eye before, a long time ago! I just went for a peak to see how she was looking(not even feeding day) and she said “chow time”! It was funny, a couple tiny scratches and a feel dumb moment for me! But I never am very careful around my ball pythons, never expected some of the breeder females to act more like retics when you open the enclosure! :joy: I do open the few crazy, hungry breeder female cages away from my face now though! Lesson learned!


How interesting. I didn’t know this was a thing.


I haven’t had this experience. Now on feeding day, that is another story. Several are ready to go as soon as you open it.
This gets me wondering why or what might be happening. I am guessing these are mostly tubs/racks?

  1. could the back be to hot and they stay in the front more often.
  2. are they opened mostly on feeding day?
  3. are they not handled to often?
  4. is the food kept in the same room?
    I am sure I can think of many more. But then I would never stop and it would be an all day event. Lol

Some ideas

  1. slightly open then come back to it and see if they settled.
  2. try opening daily and even take them out a few times a week, just to brake any habits.
  3. check temps or reverse the heat placement.
  4. feed first. Don’t delay so the room is not full of food sent.

This has me curious as to why and if the action can be broke. Now I wish I had one so I can experiment. I love figuring things out. Even if there is no outcome.


In my experience, it is just some females seem to get more voracious when it is just starting to be the “season” for them.

You are right, mine are kept in rack setups.
Temps are always in the normal range.
The tubs are open a few to several times a week, just not on feeding day. You are right, I try not to handle the ones I am trying to breed as often as I do the others, just to minimize any possible stress to them during this time. I do of course remove then once a week to clean, and give them a look over. All mine are extremely tame and held from hatchling on to get and stay that way.
Food is never kept in the same room, either freezer or garage for the live.
I think it is simple, I try keep all my snakes in great condition, not over fed so I think a few are just trying to get even more food for the huge amount of energy and calories they will expend, or they wish they were retics!:joy:


I like this.
It all makes sense. Are the only like this when breeding?

  1. I would consider this is more than one snake was acting like her!
  2. I’ve been trying to handle her a few times a week to try and tame her down some.
  3. See above! Lol.
  4. I thaw the rodents on top of the rack she’s in so probably setting up a bad situation!

Shes always been this way, I think it’s probably due to her first home, or I should say where she was found dumped!
In a Petsmart parking lot in a 10 gal. tank, she was very skinny, then the person I bought her from got her to adult size and VERY fat, now she’s normal weight, I’ve owned her for almost 2 years and I feel like her behavior has gotten worse?
Maybe she’s still upset because she can’t have all the food she wants?

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This could be. If it has been 2 years with you and no change, she is probably just one of the stubborn ones. It could be the way food is being prepped also, or the combination.


The few females that act this way, start acting like normal even sometimes going off feed for a short period if they lay eggs. This year I only bred one of the “crazy 3 females” but the other 2 still acted as food aggressive as usual!


Most of my females get a bit more eager to strike during the middle of their breeding period,
but I have one super lesser that’s insane like that. She gets plenty of food during breeding season, but gets very active when she can smell the food defrosting at those times, hunting at the front of the tub.
She often shoots out of the tub fast and strikes it in mid air at those times.
I often have to leave her hanging out of the tub and to constrict and eat with it dangling, like she was a green tree python striking and constricting off a branch.
Other non breeding times she can go off food for a bit and other times even needs a little encouragement to strike.


I’ve learned something with this topic. None of my breeding corns do anything of this sort. The females’ appetites increase tremendously, but nobody gets aggressive.