Interesting Challenge

My wife and I do animal classes where we talk about our many reptile and mammal friends in a classroom, controlled setting and let the kids and adults interact with the animals. They only pet and we hold. However, this requires that the snakes and lizards are out of their enclosures most of a day. We have been using towels heated in a dryer and even an electric heating pad or two to try and help keeps the gang warm.

So herein lies the challenge. I was thinking that a 1x12 or maybe a half sheet of plywood with under tank heaters or heat tape, controlled by thermostats, would work better. Either of which would be covered by towels or thin blankets so that the tubs are better insulated from too much heat.

does this sound like a good idea, or are there other ideas you all have?


So you’re thinking sort of a portable heat board/platform that the tubs would sit on when you bring them to a class? Sounds like a good idea to me… 1x12 of some convenient length, with heat tape affixed to it, thermostat and probe also affixed semi-permanently somewhere so you can just grab the whole thing without worrying about each component, throw it in a car, classroom, whatever, lay it down and plug it in… I think that’s a great idea. Sometimes you see people who do education screwing around with setting up heat lamps and it just seems to be a pain.


Something to consider, controversial, I am sure. But, warm reptiles are more active. That means more attempt to flee. More bitey. More irritated.
A couple hours of cooler temps might make them more docile. In fact, they will more happily cling to the students as a heat source. We’ve all experienced, I am sure, how herps get more active the longer we hold them…
I’m not talking about intentionally chilling them. Most schools are overheated to start. As their body temps lower (just a bit!), the display animals will be on their best behavior.
Just two cents. You can start the assault now…


No assult but an interesting point. Maybe just a little warmth to make them more comfortable. The room we usually use gets pretty cool sometimes.


Wondering If you came up with a solution?

I was thinking what you was wanting to do might be a bit to much to carry around. If you already have them in tubs, you could just use heat pads or tape and just lay it in the floor/table and set the tubs on it. Just use a light dimmer (twist type) as a thermostat. I use heat tape with a light dimmer on my rat racks, works great.

Now that I am thinking about it more. (I don’t want to delete the above as it might give more options)
-A piece of heat tabe cut to size needed
-Wired to a light dimmer
-A plug on the end
It can be rolled up, easy to carry, light weight, take up little space. You could place it on a folded bed sheet/blanket if you don’t want it directly on the floor or table. It along with the sheet can fit in a tub and can be easily stored.


Yeah we are gonna go with the heat tape and the reostat.