Introducing myself, how is your season going?

Hi, just recently joined the community after having an account for years :sweat_smile: My name is Faye, not rich :slight_smile:
A little bit about me, I produce the following animals
Crested Geckos
Fijan iguanas (Brachylophus Fasciatus)
Ball python
Ackie monitors
Isopods and cockroach species.
Hoping to produce a clutch from my GTPs over the next year also. So Hi, how is your season going so far?


Hi and welcome to the community.

This year is my first session with ball pythons (first clutch hatched this week) but I haven’t bred my crested Geckos yet… Hopefully won’t be long :crossed_fingers:

How long have you been breeding reptiles & what was your first reptile?

Any pictures?


Congratulations on your first season producing ball pythons!, its an incredible experience I’ve! I’ve been producing crested geckos for 7 years,(they were my first specie of gecko I produced) but I was a keeper of reptiles for 5 years prior to this, a Leopard gecko being my first reptile, big surprise haha! She is still with me now bless her. What pairing was your clutch? My proudest achievement is producing Brachylophus Fasciatus, the Fijan Banded Iguana, it took 4 years, but got there in the end. Reptiles are my life, and it’s great to join the community, I should’ve done so ages ago!



Bottom photo is mum and dad, she had just laid 4 eggs. What’s your favourite reptile specie?

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Welcome beautiful stuff! I produce:
Ball pythons (98)
Western Hognose (8)
Sand boas (5)
I also own these reptiles:
Argentine Tegu (2)
Veiled Chameleon (1)
Leopard gecko (1)
Other animals I own:
Cats (2)
Dogs (5)
Horses (4)
Fish (1 tank, 200 gallon predator)
Rabbits (3)

And working towards corn breeding snakes too. I hope you enjoy your time on the community, my first and favorite reptile is the ball python. :fire: iguanas.


Welcome! They’re stunners! :star_struck:


Wow!, great stuff!, I find it so hard to choose a favourite., I prefer raising gargoyles to cresties!, but enjoy all., I find the gargs are just a bit less jumpy, and grow much quicker. I find the iguanas a challenge to breed, but i love a challenge., the ball pythons are great, it’s wonderful to hatch out different snakes all the time, never gets boring but I’m always anxious until they’ve had their first feed. Do you find it easy producing the ball pythons?, I get about 80% females to go each year., but each is paired only every other season.

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Cresties all the way here! :joy:
Mad on them and love breeding them too, personally prefer over any gecko!
But gargoyles are amazing, what kinds do you have? I will get another pair eventually, used to have them years ago! I had a red stripe and a yellow blotch :grin:

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My fav are crested geckos, I can’t get enough of them. So many colours and so many personalities :blush:
My husband prefers ball pythons.

We have owned both species for many years but Just decided to start breeding. The pairing was spider & firefly, I can’t wait for the first shed :grin: we have 6 more eggs in the incubator so hopefully we will get some from our Mojave & black pewter pairing

Your iguanas are lovely :heart_eyes:

I do love cresties, they are lovely!, love raising them but find the gargs a little easier with the growth rate and the fact they eat more livefood. I have just 2 breeding pairs of gargs, a superstripe pair, and a Stripe female with a reticulated male. I find the hatchlings from crestie pairings are more or less predictable, you can have a fairly good idea at what the babies will hatch out like, quite similar each time with the odd hatchling that’s different., whereas with the gargs I’ve found all clutchmates can vary quite a lot which is very interesting.

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Wow, I love Black Pastel, it’s one of my favourite genes to work with, I wish you the best with the clutch!, and congratulations on your recent clutch, my eldest royal is a Female bumblebee, she is just beautiful so I can imagine how gorgeous your babies are! !

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Oh really? I find they grow really quickly and they have insects 2/3 times a week here, though most would take daily :sweat_smile:. The rate of growth with ours has always been great, often get people say they’re big for age, - 5 month old went last weekend and she was a big girl!. Infact these grow quicker than my little male gargoyle I had few years back, He took ages to grow, Cresties overtook! Think that’s why I was initially put off by them, and not as pretty colours/markings to me. Would love a pair or red stripes again though, she was my fav.
Goes to show everyone’s different! We got to from a breeder that Fox also has some from and my gosh they’re such slow growers, half the weight and size of a holdback of mine! It’s insane!
Also babies I usually hatch are quite different, maybe it’s my pairings as depends on who goes with who, lineage etc! But had some right interesting ones this year, god knows who’s staying. I want to keep them all :joy:

Any pics of your gargoyles? :heart_eyes:

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I really want a firebee but if not then a bumblebee is my next best snake (so far) we hatched 2 possible bumblebee or firebee…I can’t wait till they shed :blush: we have a mix of snakes here so next year will be interesting.

Good luck with your breeding collection.

Do you have any pics of your Geckos? I’d like a gargoyle, but I end up buying more Cresties lol

Yes, I have a good technique for breeding that my aunt taught me a while back when I was a little girl, I normally get 90% of female to lay. Thank you so much! I pair mine every other season as well.

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We plan to do the same too, that way they get a little rest :grin:

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I think you have 2 bumble bees and then looks like firebees also personally, the other half said the same. But then you’d have to keep them all! :joy:

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/me reads list of species, ignoring everything else.
/me clicks heart.

(Hello, Faye.)


That’s what I think too, but I’m not really sure how to tell the difference between bumblebee and firebee. I find BPs harder to identify then Cresties :dizzy_face:

I would say two fire bees and two bumblebees. The rest are the same. I have hatched both firebees and bumblebees so I know what to look for just in case you didn’t believe me. :upside_down_face:

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