Is he a visual Hypo?

Hello! So, I had bought a male Pastel possible Chocolate Desert Ghost 50% possible het Orange Ghost and Caramel Albino a few months ago and I want to know if you all can help me see if he is actually a visual hypo. The pairing that made him was a male Super Pastel Chocolate Enchi Desert Ghost 100% het Orange Ghost and Caramel Albino to a female Desert Ghost Pinstripe. When I got him the breeder (Chung Reptiles) told me that he might be a visual hypo and that the mom could have been het hypo without him knowing about it. I personally think that could be based on his colors and his shed but I would like some outside opinions since I have no female Hypos to put him to right now. Pictured is him after his shed and his shed, I don’t know if Desert Ghosts have clear sheds in general but it will probably help regardless. Thank you!


Doesnt look like just a regular pastel to me at ALL…looks DG and chocolate kinda lightens up in DG so you either got extremley lucky or are pulling our leg

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Thanks for the input! I know that he is Desert Ghost and Pastel since both his parents were visual Desert Ghost and the dad was Super Pastel, I have been trying to look at Pastel Desert Ghosts and Pastel Chocolate Desert Ghosts and they just don’t look as blushed and faded as him, but I can only know for sure until I breed him and I can assure you that I will be posting updates and pictures of his offspring when I get them :slightly_smiling_face:.

Edit: I put this on my original post but just reiterating that I did NOT produce this animal, I would never sell his offspring as hypo or het hypo until I know for sure if he is visual or het hypo.

I gotta pastel enchi ghost just to prove out a pumpkin pied 66% het ghost…hope he does prove cause I’m shooting for a PASTEL ODYB ENCHI GHOST PIED OUT OF IT…if he doesnt it will just take LONGER but so worth it

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@walkergirl Desert Ghosts shed clear just like Hypos do. I don’t personally think your animal has hypo, the combination of chocolate and pastel with Desert Ghost seems to blush things out quite a bit. I could be wrong, but I think you will need to breed it to be certain. Good luck, beautiful snake!

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Good luck, I hope it proves out for you because that does sound like an awesome combo!

Thank you! I had a feeling that DGs would also shed clear. He does have a chance to be het hypo so I hope he proves out but, like you said, he is beautiful regardless and I am really happy to have him!

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