Is Potato’s face ok?

I would as your vet how many times a day to put the medication on Potato. She should have given application instructions tbh…… :blush::heart:


i kept asking my mom to ask but she is always “in the middle of something” or “has to do something”. I just decided to air on the side of caution with once daily aplication.


Sounds like a plan Logan! You are a great critter keeper! :heart:


It’s illegal to give instructions like that for an animal you’ve never seen in an exam. You can only legally do that within a VPCR (veterinarian-patient-client-relationship).


Hmmmmm In that case and since the animal was not actually seen by the vet it might be illegal to even suggest the medication……since that vet suggested the medication to begin with the harm was already done so why not give instructions……

To begin with it was unclear, at least to me, that Potato wasn’t seen in the first place…… I do know that we could not suggest anything over the phone to treat an animal at the vet I worked for due to obvious legalities……


I agree but potato is already doing so much better. It has only been like 3 days and I think the results speak for themselves (obviously not stopping but just wanted to update)


Woohoo for Potato Cakes! Seriously though even though the vet who helped Potato and you probably overlooked protocol in this case. At least the medication was OTC.

That being said, you are not at fault in any way. And in fact if it was a “shady” deal, that is totally on the vet and at the end of the day, nobody got arrested :joy: and Mr Potato’s Head (nose and other parts), :rofl: are healing and that’s certainly the most important part all said and done!

And that’s my story and I’m “stickin” to it! :sunglasses::heart: