Is Super x Super okay?

This is probably a dumb question, having trouble finding a definitive answer. Is there any adverse effects mixing 2 of the same supers together to get all supers? Example: killer clown x killer clown. Calculator says 100% will be killer clowns. But is that okay? I think it is but I am new. Thanks.

None that Iā€™m aware of inherently, however there are concerns with inbreeding if done over generations, say if the animals were from the same clutch or bred back to the parents.

Awesome, this is what I assumed but before I buy a female I wanted to make sure. Thank you

Only time you might have issues is if you are using supers that are already known to have problems, like SuperBlkPastel x SuperBlkPastel, or where you have compound heterozygous where one of the outcomes is homozygous lethal, like BlackheadSpider x BlackhaedSpider