Is this a Fire?

I need help confirming morph of this beauty. I originally purchased a het pied male baby but before it being shipped the seller said it was injured by a heat mat and that he would upgrade me to a better snake. Out of 36 snakes this is my favorite, he said it was a fire but I think its too dark. Thanks in advance


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Did they say just Fire or Mojave Fire?
Because that snake is 100% Mojave.

If not it seems a bit sketchy that the animal you chose got injured and then this one was mislabeled. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Snakes only get injured by their heating elements if they are being used wrong. So ask yourself: What else is this “breeder” doing wrong? Then ask for a refund and find someone else to buy from.


I purchased it 2 years ago and the breeder hasnt responded. The shipping bag says female fire.

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This is my mojave and mojave fire boys. I am not sure that is fire :thinking:


I do see the resemblance, the vet said might be a black fire ball python, either way syes still my fave. Thanks


I don’t see Fire. From my end it’s a nice dark Mojave. And the Black gene is pretty rare, I’ve never seen one so I couldn’t say if that snake has it or not with confidence. But I’d call that a Mojave, no Black or Fire. I think the pattern would be more broken up if Black was in there.


I’m not sure about fire but Mojave is there 100%

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No black eyed Lucy complex gene imo. But as others have pointed out appears to be mojave.


Thank you all for your info, I have a male pastave ill pair with her and see what they make. Thanks again, I appreciate it


Hard to tell from the lighting but here is my buddies adult female fire het clown.


I just purchased a male fire so I could make super fires and that’s when I noticed the difference

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I see Mojave, no fire.

This animal is 100% NOT a Mojave. The colour is totally wrong and so is the belly

I might accept it as a Mystic but I think even that is a stretch

My inclination, however, is that this is a YB


Thank you, I didn’t think mohave either, maybe blitz or black pastel. Wilbanks has a black fire that looks like it.

Not a BlkPastel, the aliens do not have the markings inside of them that are indicative of the morph.

Maybe one of the lower-expression alleles in that group though… Huffman or something like that. Would have to breed to confirm that.

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So I found the original post that says male het pied, the breeder can’t remember but said het pied when i sent him pics. Not sure I’m allowed to post a screenshot of the post.