Is this a health issue?

I was in the room where I keep my snakes and heard a weird sound. I opened the tub where I keep one of my breeder males and found him with his mouth opened. He kind of squeezed his body and “tooted”. Is this normal or should I be worried? I’ve never heard of something like this happening before.

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now that you’ve noticed it, is it still persisting? what is he acting like now?

my first thought, based off what you said, is a RI or maybe some sort of foreign object in his mouth? I once had one of my males do something sorta similar when he had accidentally gotten some substrate stuck in his mouth after a feeding and was trying to maneuver it out.

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Open mouth and wheezing are usually both tell tale signs of a respiratory infection. Does he have bubbles coming out of his mouth? I would also check your temperatures if you haven’t already open mouth could indicate to high temperatures as well.


He seems to be acting normal now. I didn’t notice any bubbles coming out of his mouth. I’ll be sure to check for an RI ASAP. Thanks!

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Sounds like a snake fart.

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Yeah kinda I guess

if he went to the bathroom around that time, and it doesn’t continue then it was indeed just a “Fart”

I’ve had a female with a digestive blockage bloat pretty dramatically and gasp for air occasionally until she passed it the following day. I would assume, that like cattle, excessive gas pressure could put pressure on their lung which would explain the gasping.

Hm. I didn’t think about that. Thanks everyone who responded!