Is this a Lab?

I’m new here, not sure if this is the right place to post this. Let me know if it is not.

Is this an IMG Labyrinth?


Looks like a gorgeous hypo IMG jungle to me :heart_eyes: but I don’t see lab in there

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Can you elaborate how u don’t see lab?

So for me it’s the lack of contrast and striking pattern that a lab would have/ the eyes/solid tail colour. There’s just nothing that would say this is more than a very nice example of a jungle to me


Here is a nice example of an IMG labyrinth baby bred by for comparison


Quite possibly. I’m just a rookie and have no clue. But I find the whole morph industry shady and to loosely defined. Wish some professionals had taken responsibility and made a registry of sorts. Like with true breeds of dogs… :sweat_smile:


I agree it would be lovely to have a registry of some kind, only problem with that, is unlike dogs morphs in reptiles will never “breed true” and there will always be variation within the morphs themselves. Your best bet is to just familiarise yourself with as many different morphs as possible and you will start to see the subtle variations yourself with time


Yeah, I guess it would be quite a challenge… Thnx for ur inputs! :+1: I’m not in for the big run on breeding so I don’t worry. Just had this clutch and maybe one more

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No problem and congratulations on your litter! You have a really gorgeous little baby there :heart_eyes:

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I know that work on gene research has begun in snakes. RGI can sex your snake by the DNA in their shed, and when I watched the vid below a while back (by Snake Discovery) they were working on sequencing for morphs.

Update: Decided to double check and there is SOME morph testing available now. RGI also partners with Morph Market. And they have genetic registration as well. So what you’re talking about exists and is completely noninvasive to the snake, but isn’t widely used yet.

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It’s currently more towards ball pythons too. I haven’t seen to many updates if any at all on boa.

What was the pairing?

Super Sunglow Jungle x IMG Keltic

Lab is a morph on its own, if there wasnt any lab in the pairing theres no way you would have gotten a lab with that pairing.

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Of course… I was simply just testing to see if people could actually tell the difference of a lab and a full stripe jungle…

Ah gotcha. Yeah some morphs can look similar in certain forms for sure. One good way to tell the difference is the price, lab imgs are $$$$😂

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No thanks. Last thing we need are committees and boards and registries money grabbing and dictating the industry. Was this sold to you as a lab?