Is this just a normal python or did I get lucky when I bought him?


Looks normal to me. Very nice reduced pattern though.

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Looks like a very pretty normal to me!

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Very nice normal.

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After watching all these urine vid is on genes I had started to wonder. Oh well. He is a beauty though for a normal. My wife has got a banana, we have too sex it but we think she’s a girl. Only cause she is getting a lot of freckles. And she was also lucky enough to grab a pastel-fire-vanilla. Had a great experience buying through morph market

U- tube videos

Freckles have nothing to do with a banana BPs sex. Most bananas are male because it is a chromosome-linked gene. Nine times out of ten they are male, especially if you aren’t purchasing a sexed female from a trusted breeder. I have seen tons of male bananas have hundreds of freckles.