Is this only a Fire?

Good day everyone

I am looking to add a Ball Python to my collection.

Let me just first of all say the breeder I am wanting to collect it from is EXCELLENT.

He got this specific Ball Python and a few others from a friend.

I only have the one picture unfortunately.

He was told it is a very nice Fire. Unfortunately no information on the parents.

I’m not sure if this is only a Fire, can I maybe get some input of what the experts on this forum think?


I believe that’s a Enchi Fire actually. I don’t work with either of those 2 genes, but that’s what it looks like to me.


I would agree with @mnroyals it definitely looks like Enchi Fires that I have seen before.

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Thanks so much, I also thought as much.
Gonna buy it, converting it from Rands to Dollars, it only costs $20, so seems like a good deal.

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Thanks so much, really appreciate it.:ok_hand:

You have belly pictures almost looks yellowbelly fire.

Hey there

Unfortunately not, don’t wanna offend the breeder, as he is a really nice guy, but kinda set in his ways.
Would be awesome if it is YB Fire

Here’s one I hatched a few years back.


He was a little older there so had started lighting up.

I am so confused as to whether I should purchase it or not, I don’t currently have Fire in my collection, that’s the only reason why I’m considering it.

I prefer vanilla but I love fire combos as well!! Is it male or female?

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Yeah me too…don’t have vanilla in my collection either😢

It’s a male…so I don’t know…

If you can’t think of you pairing him ever I would pass. But given your limited access to genes it’s a tough call. I bring in single gene males with genes I don’t have and are expensive lol. I use them to get a better version. So I only use them one season.

I don’t have any specific breeding programme in mind, I think I’m gonna pass, I would rather get a Bamboo, even though they are very very expensive as they are scarce.

I can get a single gene Bamboo male that is 450g for about $350, I woulf rather go that way.

Thank you do much, you have helped me so so much.

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Always happy to!!!

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You are the best bro :clap::ok_hand:

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