Issues I've noticed

I’ve noticed that many times topics and new responses dont show up reliably when I come to the forum, which results in topics I’d like to take part in are completely missed.


I personally have not had this issue but can you tell me what the problem looks like and what version and type of phone/browser that you are using? I am going to tag Thomas so that he can see this. @eaglereptiles.


I think the issue may be one of two (I had three, but have forgot the third :sweat_smile:… it’ll come back to me) things:

  1. You are seeing the pinned topics (such as the Of The Month contests) at the top, and assuming the topic list hasnt updated. If so, you can tap the little pin icon on that topic and it will unpin for you.

  1. You have your “Default Homepage” in your Profile Settings -> Preferences -> Interface set to “Top”.

Buuuuuut with the new Sidebar, you can manage what you want to see, and make the forum fit you.

Tap these little pencil icons