It's like Christmas, but worse :)

I am on day 46 ( May 19, it’s 10pm right now on the 18th) I have been super excited over these eggs since the day I bought Cappuccino in 2018. She laid 7 beautiful eggs on April 4th. The wait is absolutely killing me. What is worse is, I was suppose to be super busy and the time would have flown by. Nope, had to destroy my ankle so I have learned to enjoy television and a sad attempt to learn to be bored out of my mind. So time is so slow… I can only watch so many egg cutting videos. Their tubs were made a few weeks ago. Names are picked out and I have this down to a science when I have nothing else better to do. This is like Christmas eve when your 10 and you know you have the newest latest and greatest present under the tree. :slight_smile: this was the other day when I noticed a few of the eggs were wet. Used a paper towel to gently dry them off.


You will get there patience is the key. Try to minimize the times you open the tub. Your letting out the warm air and actually making your wait longer. Good luck hope you hatch some nice babies!


I know. :slight_smile: this has been the longest 46 days of my life lol. Ok being dramatic but seriously can’t wait. I know everyone here totally understands how painful this is. :slight_smile:

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It’s such a long process it kills me! My girl finally ovulated after building for over 4 months, and now I still have to wait for her to lay and then even longer for hatchlings.